EE System Sound Journey

What does a sound journey in an EE System feel like? Combining these two incredible modalities creates an accelerated effect that allows you to go deeper and faster in a meditative, trance state.

Imagine you close your eyes and hear etheric sounds begin to swirl around you. There’s a sensation of resistance and discomfort that’s rising to the surface. Past negative thoughts and emotions come up for clearing. It feels as if a tornado is circling through your energy field. There’s a fast intensity, an acceleration of clearing that goes deep into every cell.

Then you feel a steady, calm energy that gradually gets stronger and stronger. Repressed positive memories begin to appear. Thoughts resonating with happiness and pleasure begin to dominate. Intuition gets louder and clearer.

And now you’re sleeping very deeply with every cell charging and rejuvenating. You stay there for a while only to be brought back into the room by gentle singing of the bowls.  It feels as if time had suspended.

You wake up renewed with your mind, body, and soul resonating in harmony. You leave the session feeling better than you have in a while. You notice you enjoy the thoughts and feeling that arise. The negative feelings may present and then leave very quickly. You feel at home with peace in your heart.