New Client Energy Analysis, Wellness Plan, and 30 min Follow Up

During an energy analysis, we look at the quality and strength of energy through various organs, meridians, and chakras. This is perfect to identify what areas are prone to stress that may manifest as disease with time. We will then test how the individual responds to various substances (food, supplements, herbs, essential oils) to find the ones that will most effectively create balance and increase vitality. Energy analysis may include physical, emotional, and spiritual elements. The Follow Up will include an energy analysis to verify how energy has shifted with lifestyle adjustments. Energy analysis held at private location, in home option available. After purchasing, please head here to fill out this form:

Health Consultation Registration Form
I will contact you to schedule the appointment.


Intuitive Health Consultation (60 minutes)

Get access to a health intuitive reading and discuss an individualized wellness plan for an optimized lifestyle approach to cleanse, heal, and move towards vibrancy.


Intuitive Health Consultation (30 minutes)

Suffering from a chronic illness and looking for a natural healing approach? Talk with Lydia to investigate root cause analysis and actions you can take to get started on a healing journey towards vibrancy.


Adult Salve Demo

During this demonstration I will teach you how to make the best soothing salve for winter skin. Salve making has become an annual tradition that serves my family all year long. The quality remains unmatched. If DIYs scare you, I promise I’ll break it down and walk you through every step. The salve is great for: 🍁under the nose (especially if you’ve been blowing it a lot) 🍁on dry winter skin 🍁on lips 🍁on rough elbows, knees, heels 🍁on kids + babies skin 🍁to coat the inside of the nostrils to act as a barrier to keep the passageways healthy 🍁on pets’ paws You’ll head home with your own jar feeling empowered to make your own with ease. Date: 12/17/21 6pm-7pm Location: Pellham, NH