What is included in a 60 min health consultation?

A health intuitive reading, a detailed write up of reading results, and a 60 minute phone consultation.

What is a health intuitive reading? How does it work?

During a health intuitive reading, I go into a deep state of meditation that allows me to access the individual’s energy and feel what their subconscious feels. I start with a general reading, which helps to focus on greatest strength and weaknesses. Then I will incorporate aspects of energy medicine to understand what areas need the most support. With the foundation set, I will use kinesiology to understand how the individual’s energy will respond to a variety of substances, methods, and activities.

What are the optimal function and rating scales? How do I interpret the results?

I’ve created two scales that I employ. The first scale is percent optimal function of an organ system. This scale lets us know which organs need the most support for one to reach their optimal potential. This scale does not replace medical diagnostics. For example, someone with a liver functioning at 30% or less is likely to have ongoing chronic illness stemming from poor liver dysfunction. Liver failure registers at about 5%. Medical diagnostic picks up liver function at 15% and less. This scale is individual, not standard. What is optimal potential for one individual will not be for the next. The scale includes physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

The second scale is a substance or activity rating that calculates a benefit to harm ratio. Zero represents all harm and no benefit. 100 represents all benefit and no harm. 50 represents equal benefit and equal harm. This is my attempt to quantify how the overall chi energy shifts in response to a substance or activity. A number 50 and below represents a weakening of overall energy while a number 51 and above represents a strengthening of overall energy. The goal of a nutritional balancing diet is to bring the body back into balance by increasing overall chi energy. This can be done by focusing on substances and activities that score above 50, and ideally close to 100. Also, I include a maximum amount for optimal quantity or frequency. Anything more will weaken the score and increase harm as too much a good thing becomes harmful.

These numbers are meant to be used as a starting point and a guide. The reading is most accurate in the moment and can change with time. With the complexity of factors that influence energy, the numbers can fluctuate. For example, you can score 98 for 1 tsp of spirulina. After you ingest spirulina, you may score closer to 32 because your body is saturated with that specific nutrition and more may cause a healing reaction or create an imbalance. These rating systems help one to visualize and understand their intuition. It is an exercise that helps one find balance and get on the right track.

What is included in the meditation results?

I will send you a personal wellness plan that includes a detailed write up of current state of the body, most pressing issues, and how you respond to a variety of cleansing protocols, whole foods, supplements (if you are taking any), herbs, essential oils, and exercise. Every consult will vary according to initial meditation sensations and individual health goals.

Who will get the most benefit from a health consult?

People who want to take charge of their health by implementing lifestyle changes to meet their goals will benefit the most. I am a source of knowledge and inspiration, and it is up to the individual to follow through and implement changes. A consult is most helpful for those who want to learn and employ natural, non-invasive strategies to optimize health but are unsure of where to start. This becomes an intuition strengthening exercise for those who are disconnected from their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. A consult is useful for someone new to the natural lifestyle or someone who is knowledgeable in the lifestyle but needs help with direction. It is useful for anyone who is not skilled in kinesiology and is looking for external verification.

How do I get started?

Head to my website and sign up for the 60 min consultation: https://vitalharmonywellness.com/services/.

After you sign up, I will send you a wellness questionnaire via email. Fill out the questionnaire and send it back to me. Then I will schedule time to perform the meditation. After the meditation is complete, we will schedule a phone consultation to go over the results. I will email the results before the phone consultation, so that we may go through it together. I offer free email support (within reason) and follow up 30 min consultations for those desiring accountability and additional support.


As a health consultant, I do not diagnose or prescribe, nor is it my purpose to replace the services of your doctor or conventional medicine. I offer information along with a suggested wellness plan to those who are willing to take responsibility for their own health. In the event a client uses this information, he/she assumes full responsibility for the results.

It should not be misconstrued to mean, imply, or indicate that the substances or plans described cure anything, as no such claims are made. ONLY THE BODY CAN HEAL ITSELF, so the nutritional advice is not offered as a cure, but rather as support to the body in re-establishing optimal functions.

If your conventional doctor indicates that nutrition is not important and attempts to treat you only with drugs and surgery, I suggest you obtain a second opinion because – after all – it is your health!